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Steve Kimock
by Steve Kimock
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Steve Kimock & Special Guests 01/28/2012 Sweetwater Music Hall Mill Valley, CA Source: Sonic Studios DSM mics > D8 (10' back center) Transfer: D8 > SF 9.0 > CDWav > Flac16 Set I 1. Rigor Mortis, 2. Ice Cream, 3. Baby Baby, 4. Severe Tire Damage, 5. Anorexia, 6. You're the One Set II 1. Cole's Law > 2. Tangled Hangers, 3. Five B4 Funk, 4. Feeling Alright, 5. Berm, 6. Hillbillies On PCP Steve Kimock - Guitar Jeff Chimenti - Keyboards Tim Hockenberry - Trombone, Keyboard &...
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Topics: Steve Kimock, Bobby Vega, Jeff Chimenti, Tim Hockenberry, Prairie Prince, Sweetwater Music Hall
Steve Kimock Band
by Steve Kimock Band
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tuning > High And Lonesome A New Africa Bad Hair Many Rivers To Cross Incantation Kickin' Up Dust Malachi band intro, Martin Fiero entrance > Cole's Law* > Tangled Hangers*, Hover, The Bronx Experiment, One For Brother Mike, You're The One*, Tongue N Groove*, comments and band intro. *w/ Martin Fiero on sax Editing, Tracking, Compression & Upload by Goodkarmechanic Enjoy!
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Topics: Steve Kimock Band, Martin Fierro
Source: AUD, left center, 1st tier -> Sonic DSM mics -> D8 -> DAT